Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Quick Comfort Quilt

So, I've mentioned before that I hate waste.  Especially fabric.  Even if it is fabric that I don't particularly love.  I take everybody's leftovers and rejects.  I have always had the intention to make comfort quilts with all these extras, but I have not been very good about it lately.

 So, new goal:  A comfort quilt to donate every month.  Here is my September quilt.  Quick and easy and not even the slightest dent was made in my "stash".  It makes me wonder just how many potential quilts are living in there just waiting to be loved.

A friend had recently given me (2) 1/3 yard cuts of the cowboy and cowboy hat prints, so I decided to go from there.  I left the cowboy print as is in the center and cut the hats into 2 pieces.  That green plaid has been in my stash since the 90s.  Yes, the 90s.  It looks perfect with the cowboys so it was meant to be.  Everything is just a strip x WOF sewn to the batting and backing in a quilts as you go fashion. 

Then I just quilted random wavy lines down the strips before adding a new strip.  Quick and easy.

I machine bound the binding with another fabric that I am pretty sure I have had since the 90s.  It is that weird orangy brown that just never "went" with anything.  But it is perfect with these little hats!

I think this whole quilt took less than 3 hours from start to finish.  Quick. Easy. And it makes me feel good to know that this fabric is no longer just fabric collecting dust, it will soon be loved by a future cowboy. 

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  1. Nice job whipping out a quilt from all your scraps. Looks great and I am sure someone is going to love it!