Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - A Scraptastic New Year!

Happy New Year!

We had a very busy November and December with travel and company and work, so I had to put a lot of my fun sewing aside for a while.  But our company left on Sunday and I spent the next few days finishing up a few quilt alongs between cleaning and hanging with my boys.  I was able to squeeze in 3 finished tops before the end of 2015.  Woo hoo!!

Farm Girl Vintage:

I had all of the blocks for this quilt completed, I just needed to sash them and get them together.

Star Block of the Month:

For this one, I just had to complete my 2 December blocks, put them together, and add a small border.

Fat Quarter Shop's Snapshots Quilt A Long:

I had to finish the November and December blocks and finish the sashing.

Done! Done! And done!

I can't believe that I finished all 3 by the end of the year!  It feels great!  Now to get them quilted by the end of 2016.

Now, on to my goals for the new year.  They are lofty, but maybe if I set a lot of goals, I will achieve a lot of goals.  Right?

1. First, I really want to work on finishing all of those quilts that just need binding.  I have about 6.  That is so sad to be so close and not completed.

2. Get my quilt tops quilted!!!  I have so many just piled up waiting to be quilts.  Forever, the problem was that I wanted to hand quilt all of them.  And that just isn't going to happen.  So this last year, I really let go and accepted machine quilting.  I have been won over.  I still love hand quilting, but I can really appreciate machine quilting too!  Especially how quickly it turns those tops into a finished project.

3. This is the year of the scraps!  I LOVE scraps! This year I am challenging myself to make a scrap quilt every month.  This may not be realistic, but a girl can dream. Some of the quilts I'd like to make:

     * 9-patch  (This one was started a LONG time ago, maybe even 15 years)  It is time to get this one done and finished.

     * Made-fabric Wonky Star

     * Scrap Vortex

     * Scrappy Bear Paw

     * Gypsy Wife all from scraps

     * Finish the string quilts I started

     * Polaroid quilt

     * Another Candy Coated quilt in orange, gold, avocado and aqua

4. I'd like to continue my goal of making and donating 1 comfort quilt each month.

5. Finish what I've started:

     * 2015 Row x Row

     * Log Cabin Swap

     * Farmer's Wife quilt

6. And of course I have a list of new quilts that I want to dive into:

     * Harry Potter Quilt

     * Dr. Who

     * Tiger Lily

     * Navy and Pink triangles

     * Farm Girl Cherries

     * Pineapple quilt

     * Legendary

     * Fair Isle

     * Cotton and Steel Christmas quilt

     * Scrappy Trees

     * Valentine Patchwork

     * Scrappy Hearts

     * Linen Plus quilt

     *Winterberry quilt for mom

     * Barns for Aunt

     * Lion quilt

And of course there will be new fabrics and patterns for inspiration to look forward to.

I know that these will not all be completed, but it is fun to dream and try.

Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by!!



  1. I love your Farm Girl Vintage quilt top! Your fabrics are so pretty!

  2. Three lovely flimsies -- Congrats!
    You have a heckuva list there for 2016!

  3. Awesome job on finishing those quilt tops right before the new year, I especially love the farm girl vintage top! And nothing wrong with dreaming big. If you shoot high, you hit high even if you miss your target. :)

  4. LOVE those quilts! The farm girl vintage is so great! Good luck on your list!

  5. Congratulations on the meeting your goals for 2015.

    I'm so glad to see that someone else lets quilts linger when they just need the binding. Good luck with your 2016 goals.

  6. Congratulations on your beautiful finished quilt tops, I love them all, you really have been busy! and sounds like you'll be even more so this year! good luck with your new projects, and get those UFOs done! :)

  7. You are one of the few people I know that may just get all those goals done. Cant wait to see all the quilts of 2016. Love that Star BOM finished!!!

  8. You are one of the few people I know that may just get all those goals done. Cant wait to see all the quilts of 2016. Love that Star BOM finished!!!

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