Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another Accidental Quilt...

Sometimes I "accidentally" start and finish a quilt that was not on my list.  That is just what happened this weekend.  Oops!

It started when I saw this quilt on Pinterest.

I loved it immediately.  I am always looking for ways to use up my 2 1/2 inch scrappy strips, so I printed out the directions for LATER.  You know, when I wasn't already working on like 5 different quilts.  But, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

At first I thought, I'd just pull out my scraps and organize them by color to see what I have.  Then, I'll just try a sample block to see how it works.  Then, let me just sort my white scraps and see if I will have enough.

Before I knew it, I had finished the whole thing.

And I LOVE it!

A happy accident for sure!

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  1. And what a very happy looking accident it is. I love it too!

  2. Ein toller quilt auch die Farben einfach wunderschön.
    Lg Karo

  3. Ooh, fun! Those are some good looking scraps.

  4. Very colorful and pretty design!!! I know what you mean-- I just have to start something in the midst of other projects sometimes when the urge strikes me!