Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Family quilt retreat

Once a year I try to head down south to the Mississippi coast to visit with family and have a mini quilting retreat.  Much of my mom's family lives there and many of them quilt.  I try to go down when I won't be too missed at home - put the kids on the bus Monday morning and return home Friday afternoon to get them off the bus.  A couple of afternoons hanging with friends until Daddy gets home isn't too bad right?  Well, I could not have picked a worse week.  We were snowed in on Monday and the kids ended up being out of school the entire week!  Daddy had to work from home all 5 days.  And my plan to get home on Friday didn't work either.  As I neared the Tennessee border, the roads were completely iced over.  Cars were all on the side of the highway and my brakes kept locking up on the ice.  I had to stop and get a hotel just 70 miles from home.  But, the good new is that I had a Great time visiting relatives and my Aunt Charlotte had invested in a long arm and just went to town on all the quilts I brought down for show and tell.  We were able to quilt 12 quilts in just 3 days!!  Take a look at some of what we did...

 My mom and grandmother hand quilting my big star quilt.

This is how my Aunt Charlotte spent most of the 3 days.  Her work was amazing, especially since she just got her machine in September!


We quilted from about 8 in the morning until 10 at night.  And loved every second!

We just piled the quilts on the bed as they came off the frame.  We had quite the bed turning when it was all said and done!

Grandma showing off her latest finish!

My Aunt Jo an I with the quilt I made for her.

A lot of fun and a lot of hard work!
Now, I've got some serious binding to do.  I'll post pictures of the quilts as I get them bound.

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  1. What wonderful eye candy, all so lovely!

  2. I love all these quilts. And I do the same thing as you with my longarm-pile the quilts as I take them off and then have a binding party!