Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fresh Cut Cake

Good Morning quilty friends!

I've got a quick quilt top for you this morning.  This one came together super quick.  Like, put together in a weekend that is already full of activities, quick!

This one came about as a way to use up 1/2 of a layer cake of Fresh Cut that I had leftover after putting together the Superstar Charm quilt. I had marked this quilt pattern in the book Dessert Roll Quilts and it seemed like a perfect fit.  Except for the navy, all the extra fabric came from my stash. Yay for using what you've got!

The pattern is super simple.  There are just 2 blocks: (4) simple 9-patches and (32) 9-patches that include 2 HSTs.  Then you just turn your blocks to create the pattern. Easy-peasy. The background is made up of the low-volume prints from the layer cake as well as a variety of soft whites and creams.

I debated adding an extra 5-inch border of background fabric all the way around, but I think I like it as is.  It is already a good size at 81 x 81 inches.

My next challenge is to use up the other half of this layer of Briar Patch that I so adore.  I have pulled some coordinating solids from my stash.  I am thinking a granny square quilt would be perfect...

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oh I love this quilt. It is so beautiful. A great way to us up that stash!!

  2. Beautiful quilt top! It's huge!

  3. I really like this! I have a bunch of the 9 patch blocks made for a quilt with a zig zag layout, but I think I like your arrangement better! I have been feeling meh about it but now am excited to finish it!!

    1. That's great Tessa! I can't wait to see it!

  4. Very eye-catching! Lovely choice of colors and well done!

  5. Love the blue addition to the quilt! Very impressive that you started this project using scraps!

  6. I love how the navy sets of the low volume prints, creams, white. A very pretty quilt!

  7. Love your quilt, the fabric and pattern are so pretty.

  8. This is really lovely! The low volume fabrics work so well!