Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Colin's Quilt - Done!

Another finish!

   Almost a year ago, my youngest asked for a new quilt for his bed.  His only direction was that he wanted it to be blue (to match his walls) and green (his favorite color). After showing him a few patterns, he picked the pinwheel.  Together we dug through my stash and pulled some fabrics to start with, and then we headed to the LQS where I let him pick out a few more.
 I finished the top pretty quickly, but since this was for my baby it had to be hand quilted. took a while.  Other projects got in the way.  Christmas gifts got in the way.  But now it is done.  Hand quilted, bond and on his bed!
 Aren't these fabrics so cute?  He loves Converse sneakers - wears them everyday - so of course that had to be added.
He picked a blue batik for the back.  Darker than I usually pick for a backing, but boy does the stitching show up.

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  1. Love the quilt and the combination of fabrics. Shopping with kids helping to make the fabric choices is an experience! Looks great.

  2. Having had my granddaughters help choose fabrics, I applaud your son in his choices. The younger one only wanted the novelty fabric she picked and the older wanted a Frozen panel. I wish your son had been picking . I love the back, since I love dark backs. My favorite color is charcoal with lots of variations on gray and blue. Pink quilts get a white or pink, but I really like dark.

  3. Very nice - what a lucky boy to get a hand quilted quilt. And it certainly makes it "his" when he gets to choose some of the fabrics.

  4. Your quilt is amazing, beautiful colors. I commend you for the hand quilting!

  5. It's really cute, and the hand quilting is seriously impressive.

  6. This is really lovely! The handquilting makes this very special!

  7. beautiful!! I absolutely love it!