Thursday, January 29, 2015

White, glorious white!

I've got two more finished tops to share today!

I love using white in my quilts, it just makes the fabrics pop.  It looks so clean and fresh.  I got tired of constantly running out to buy more white, so I just started buying it by the bolt.  It is so nice to always have my white waiting for me.  But then sometime in November I ran out, and the business of the holidays got in the way and my projects got pushed aside.

New year, new bolt and Ta-Da!  Two more quilt tops done!

First up is this beauty.
I used Sherri McConnell's pattern Stars Over Iowa, from her book Fresh Family Traditions.

 I had been hoarding some pretty Heather Ross fabrics and just knew this would be the perfect way to highlight all the cuteness.  I added in a few more sweet pieces that I had and Voila!

 Unicorns, strawberries, bees, horses,

 mermaids, princesses, frogs... Could anything be better?

Looking at this quilt, you would think that I had a sweet little girl in mind as I made this.  You would be wrong.  I have 3 boys.  This quilt is for the little girl in me.  It makes me smile.

Next up, Miss Kate.

I originally intended for this quilt to be 10 x 10 blocks, but I like symmetry and wasn't happy with the 10 x 10 layout.  I made it 9 x 9 and felt much better.  So it is a little smaller than I originally intended but still pretty big at about 90 x 90.  AND, now I have extra 16 patches to add to the back of the quilt.  

 I.  Love.  This.  Fabric.
I Love red and aqua together - so bright and cheerful.  And this pattern is so fun.  I love how the 16 patches just float above that background pattern of squares!

I based this quilt on the Sunny Skies quilt over at Missouri Star.  I made some changes to how I made the white and aqua squares as you can see.  Instead of doing the easy corner triangles on two rectangular pieces like Jenny does, I made four half square triangles using the no waste method.  I like to use every piece of my precious fabric.  :)

I could just stare at this border fabric all day.

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  1. Hi to a fellow bolt buyer! I always have a bolt of white and a bolt of off white on hand. I hate running out!

    Your Miss Kate quilt is gorgeous. I might do the same thing with my Miss Kate!

  2. I think these are the prettiest two quilts I've seen today...and both in one place!!!!! I cannot imagine the sheer luxury of a whole bolt of white...or batting for that matter! I am making a sawtooth star quilt too :) And Miss Kate jelly roll is waiting patiently....for some more white!!! :)

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! And you are right, that bolt of white is just glorious.

  3. I really like both. I am currently working on a scrap version of your Miss Kate quilt! But I think yours is so much brighter!