Friday, April 24, 2015

1 Hour Baskets everywhere!

Have you seen these cute little baskets that everyone is making?  They are adorable and so quick and easy to make.  If I had an available shelf, I would fill it with these little baskets, one for every WIP. 

The pattern by Hearts and Bees is available for free on Craftsy!

For the first one, I followed the directions exactly and it took just under an hour.  Isn't it adorable?  I am a sucker for gingham.

For the second one, I decided to add a decorative band at the top and some pretty decorative stitching.  I just measured the finished exterior panel to get the new measurements for the  padding and lining.  This one took just over an hour.

And for my  third basket I used the last few scraps from my charm pack of comma (left over from my wedge quilt) to make a 6x7 inch panel. Then I added some yarn dyed linen to finish making the exterior panel.  Again, once it was done I just measured my finished panel to see what size to cut the interior lining and padding.  Easy Peasy.

I am so pleased with these baskets.  I would make a dozen more if I only had the room to put them on display.

My quilty friends and I got together this weekend to sew, talk and laugh, and they joined in on the basket fun as well.  Here they are with their creations.

I just love my quilty friends!

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  1. Love the baskets! I get that way with projects...just want to make more and more!

  2. Love the baskets! It's great how you got so inventive Tracy and made each so unique!

  3. Brilliant baskets - keep telling myself to go and make one but I fear I would not stop at one!

  4. they are so cute, and I love how you adapted once you had made one. in the photo with your friends', the one on the right with flip flops and the cheery orange is just the cutest thing!! Summer is coming!

  5. I've been seeing these baskets everywhere! I so need to make some!

  6. These are on my to do list - maybe today now that I've seen yours! So cute. I especially like your third one. :)

  7. Whoop whoop! I need to make a bunch of these too!