Friday, April 17, 2015

A finish, maybe?

I love scraps.  All scraps.  I want to use every tiny little bit of fabric.  Very, very little makes it to my trash can.  My friends know this and very generously donate their "trash" to me.  And I am thrilled with every little piece.

Last week my friend Cheri cut into a delicious layer cake of Aloha Girl to make a big hexagon quilt. (I can't wait to see it) She saved all those tiny little triangles for me. They were just big enough to cut a 1.5 inch square from.  Yippee!  I knew immediately what I was going to do with them.  I whipped out Lori Holt's new book Farm Girl Vintage and made her 12 inch stars with the patchwork centers. 

I added the sashing and borders and fell in love.  This is just how I pictured it.

But now I love it so much I am wondering if I should expand it a bit more.  It finished at 43 inches square, not really big enough to crawl under.  Hmm.... I may have to stare at it for a while until inspiration strikes. 

Suggestions welcome!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It's lovely but I know what you mean about size matters! I'm about to add borders to a small(ish) Bee quilt and I'm wondering whether to just add a couple of wider strips - double border - or some small matching blocks and a border ... whatever you do, this will still be a gorgeous quilt you've made :)

  2. Really pretty! A good lesson that even the tiniest scraps can be used up!

  3. So Pretty, the fabric is so happy and the boarder just brings it all together. Lovely work.

  4. Love the colors and feel of this line. Beautiful job of using those tiny scraps. Cant wait to see it bigger.

  5. Amazing how you can use the littlest scraps and get such a cute result! Your quilt is a perfect size for a lap quilt for a wheel chair user, small enough that it won't get caught in the wheels. Also a perfect baby quilt size.

  6. Wow it's lovely, scraps are just the best, and if you think about it you've paid for the piece of fabric so why chuck the little bits away!